Jetman & Solbrain – Original Broadcast Rips w/CMs


Now that’s a rarity, right? Recorded off of TV Asahi in the early 90s. 10 episodes in total, but they’re all good ones.

Note that I transferred the whole tape to DVD-R as is, and originally encoded them into a single huge file. To make things easier, the episodes were split using MKVToolNix. Two episodes (Jetman 32 & Solbrain 36) are included as a single file, since the latter couldn’t be trimmed properly without losing footage. Otherwise, this is the full content of the tape.

~Episode list
30 – The Three Demons Stand
31 – The Squadron Disbands
32 – Wings!! One More Time
33 – It’s a Cockroach
34 – Traitorous Ryuu
35 – The Fighting Courage Given by a Dove
36 – A Walking Appetite! Ant-People
35 – New Hero to Kyushu! (part two)
36 – The Kidnapper is the Commanding Officer!
38 – The Devil Whispers Death

Video: 10-bit x264, CRF19.5 (Preset: Very Slow)
720×540 (Standard 4:3), CFR 30fps
Audio: Japanese, 2 Channels, AAC, ~128kbps
Subtitles: None
Source: VHS TVRip

Mighty Lady Sparkle (Eng Sub)


I’ve been playing with the idea of doing my own subs for a while and considering it’s still the most popular post on this site plus I already had a script to work with, Mighty Lady seemed like a no-brainer.

Now, I cheated a bit. The subs are based on the Chinese DVD subtitles (which are very accurate to the original Japanese dialogue), ran through DeepL and with some grammar cleaned up. There’s a line or two I’m not sure about, but I think it came out a decent translation still.

I swear it’s not what it looks like.

Video: 10-bit x264, CRF20 (Preset: Very Slow)
720×480 (Anamorphic 16:9), CFR 30fps
Audio: Japanese, 2 Channels, AAC, VBR ~130kbps
Subtitles: English
Source: DVD5

Superhuman Samurai (28 Eps, Incomplete)

Servo is watching you masturbate.

Thanks to: Kilo101, for providing the original ISOs


Cue the 90s guitar riffs and giga butt-kicking, we have another case of “barely anyone remembers this, but it’s actually pretty cool”. This co-production between Japan’s Tsupro and American company DIC Entertainment (yeah, really) is one half teen sitcom, one half giant monster movie. Storywise, it’s about a bunch of high school bandmates that fight computer virus monsters sent by Tim Curry (yeah, really!) in the digital realm. And they use their instruments to transform! Yes, it’s a very 90s show, as you can also tell from the lead being none other than Matthew Lawrence (of Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World fame). Quite impressive casting decisions for such a low-budget show! Seems like the only available copies on the net previously were worn-out VHS recordings, but this is the complete 1st half of the series in remastered DVD quality. That will have to do, since I most likely won’t do the 2nd half for a lack of ISOs.

Originally based on the 1993 Japanese television series U̶l̶t̶r̶a̶m̶a̶n̶ Electric Superman Gridman, perhaps more known nowadays for its moeblob anime adaptation released decades later by Studio Trigger. Still, non-plebs will remember this as the cooler version of that show. Since the original source material was quite hard to take serious for Western audiences in the first place, they just kinda decided to take the piss out of it. And surprisingly enough, it works well. Even if you can sometimes spot those are two completely different shows that have nothing to do with each other whatsoever mashed up into… something else.

Proudly presented by DIC.

Video: 10-bit x264, CRF19.5 (Preset: Very Slow)
720×540 (Standard 4:3), CFR 30fps
Audio: English, 2 Channels, AAC, VBR ~130kbps
Subtitles: None
Source: DVD9

M◯bile C◯p Jib@n (Brazilian Portuguese Dub, Complete)

Thanks to: MeuTokusatsu, asiandvdclub (RIP)

DDL ~ Part 1Part 2Archive

There’s a popular rumour (I’m not sure it was ever confirmed or not) that a metal hero show, G@van, is what originally inspired the Robocop franchise, and in turn, Jib@n was produced as a Japanese take on Robocop for television. Likewise, it’s seen as the precursor to the “rescue”-era of metal hero, which gave us shows like Winspect◯r and S◯lbrain, both of which were apparently very popular in 1990s Brazil.

Judging from the quality, the Brazillian-Portuguese dubbing was sourced from old tape recordings, but the video master is based on the remastered DVD release in its full quality.

Naoto Tamura, a new detective in Central City, is killed by a Bionoid Monster in the line of duty. Doctor Kenzo Igarashi, a man whose experiments had been responsible for the Bioron syndicate’s existence, brought the man back to life as a cyborg detective, Jib@n.

IMDb listing

Video: 10-bit x264, CRF20 (Preset: Very Slow)
640×480 (Standard 4:3), CFR 24fps
Audio: Portuguese, Stereo, AAC, 128kbps
Subtitles: No
Source: DVD9