Monster Commando Y



Released in 1995. 3rd part of a direct-to-video trilogy that picks Japanese female wrestlers against rubber monsters. This one features JWP member Cuty Suzuki.

Video: 10-bit x264, CRF19.5 (Preset: Very Slow)
640×478 (Standard 4:3), CFR 30fps
Audio: Japanese, 2 Channels, AAC, VBR ~130kbps
Subtitles: None
Source: VHS

8 thoughts on “Monster Commando Y

  1. Hey man, I’m writing a book on obscure Asian cinema and I was wondering if you had any information on what companies, directors, and actors you’re seeing the most with the works you post and if there’s any way I could get my hands on more of this content. Much appreciated.

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    1. It’s difficult to find detailed information most of the time due to the age and obscurity. I try to at least include the release year in the descriptions. ZEN Pictures (Gravure idol heroines) and Big Peach Entertainment (Mighty Lady series) are fairly well-known by indie standards. Rapid Progress (Line the Barbarian) and Center Island (Pantheon & various works) are still active. Eiyu Club was another production studio that’s now defunct. As for directors, Minoru Kawasaki & Shinpei Hayashiya are two semi-famous ones. If you scroll down all the way on the main page, there’s an option to find movies by category, which includes the company & some actors. For physical copies, Japanese auction sites like Yahoo and Rakuten are your best bet.

      If you’re looking for more info for a specific movie, shoot me an email at raretokucon @ protonmail dot com and I’ll see what I can dig up.


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